Fabulous Fudge -from Betty Fish

I got this recipe from my dads wife Betty.  I have encountered similar things at social events so it must exist elsewhere.  I just have never seen it as a printed recipe.

3 cups chocolate chips.  This is an 18 oz bag. The better the chocolate, the better the fudge.  They should be sweetened.  They used to be called bittersweet but they are changing how they package chocolate chips.  Now they give the percent of coco, which is lovely.

1 10oz package miniature marshmallows.  Most marshmallows are gluten free lately.  Not Kraft though.  Check for the GF on the label somewhere.

1 tablespoon vanilla

2 cups chopped nuts. (optional)  Pecans or walnuts work well.

Place in a large mixing bowl and set aside

In a large, heavy bottomed sauce pan place

12 oz can of evaporated milk.  Not to be confused with condensed milk which has a lot of sugar added.

1 cup butter.

4.5 cups white sugar.

Cook over medium heat until all is melted.  Bring to a roiling boil and let boil for 6 minutes without stirring.

Add all at once to the marshmallow mixture and stir until all is melted and blended to a uniform color.

Pour into a buttered cake pan and let sit until set.  One 9×13 to get a pretty thick piece.  Or add a 9×9 pan as well.  Or a 29×13 jelly roll pan.  Overnight is good.  Or you can place it in the refrigerator for faster setting.  Don’t keep it there though.

Cut into little pieces to serve.  1×2 inches is good.  Store in air tight containers.  Keeps up to a year. (less with nuts added)

Makes 5 pounds.